Financial Services Company

A company with highly specialized and complex financial services wanted to be able to explain the intricate details of their financial securities to young executives with a view to send their own sales representatives as a follow-up to close the sale. We analyzed our client’s needs and briefed them on the approach, strategy, and execution of the campaign and started work on script development and list building for managers under 30.

The first phase took 3 months. The second phase was to network with the right companies and set up sales appointments for our client. We secured 12 face-to-face and 17 telephone appointments in a 4 month period and turned up an additional 5 warm sales leads. All sales leads were qualified and within the statistical parameters set by our client.

  • Service: Setting Sales Appointments
  • Result: An undisclosed yet apparently satisfactory result because our client is currently analyzing their sales approach for further integration with other CCL services.