Headwear Company

We were approached by a firm that only used distributors as a sales channel and did not have access to the actual end-buyer. They wanted to be able to sell direct nationwide, too. To support this, we initiated a campaign to find potential customers for new hard hat designs that were not being offered through distributors. Our aim was to get current and potential buyers to agree to try new models. We pinpointed specific potential customers and, for instance, focused of construction companies with over 250 employees – nearly all of which used hard hats on construction sites. Our initial starting point was 4500 addresses. Contact people were asked if they had a requirement for different headgear, what headgear they were currently using (brand and model), the amount of headgear they used per year. We persuasively communicated the benefit of agreeing to a free trial period and convinced regional purchasing managers to set up sales appointments.

Our client during the initial stages of the campaign: “Of the 23 calls we’ve made over the last month, I can easily say 85-90% are quite interested in our products and of those, about 35% have specific requirements that we can currently help with. The rest of our calls feel our products are very valuable, and did not even realize we were more than happy to sell to the end-user direct. This group of calls told us they will try our hard hats once their existing contracts ran out – and they were very genuine about it.”

  • Service: Setting Sales Appointments
  • Result: The campaign ran for around 10 months. Daily communication ensured accurate and timely reporting. All our customer’s sales representatives received appointments together with all relevant data for their particular appointment. Our client was able to measure the effect our services reflected by increased sales figures and decided to continue with us.