Insurance Firm

A medium sized insurance company wanted a specifically tailored tele-sales campaign to first identify the right contacts and verify their interest, then move forward with a calculated marketing strategy through our tele-sales experts. We briefed our client with sentient information and finished qualifying contacts in targeted buyer segments in 3 months focusing on potential buyers which had a general idea about our client’s services. The second stage of actual selling took around 6 months.We used custom-made scripts based on consumer behavior psychology and proven marketing strategies that when combined with the experience and salesmanship of our employees, the outcome was quick sales that we were able to up-sell and cross-sell.

Some companies believe telemarketing is a wasteful luxury in aggressively competitive markets. At CCL, we hold the opposite to be true. Getting your company out there and harvesting quality prospects is more important than it ever was. We haven’t found a better way to achieve this than through tele-sales and can guarantee exceptional results. We use empirical datasets, have centuries’ worth of combined telemarketing experience, and take a consultative approach to understand your business and requirements.

  • Service: Customized Tele-Sales Campaigns
  • Result: The campaign increased the number of policies sold by 11% in 6 months, The high quality list of senior decision-makers we compiled allowed our customer to target people and companies that were aware of their services and wanted to be contacted. We continue to work with our client.