Newspaper Advertising Space

A widely circulated print newspaper wanted to sell more advertising space on the front and back pages but needed a wholesale approach and extremely quick implementation to be able include increased sales figures into their quarterly financial report. After due diligence, we briefed our client and formed a dedicated team of 8 tele-sales experts to run the campaign. Our experts conducted extensive research before calling and isolated advertising agencies specializing in sports themed advertisements that had budgets able to accommodate wholesale buying of ad space.

The campaign was a pure sales-generating play designed with only one purpose in mind: Get more sales. Our client also required specific up-sells and cross-sells that were implemented using our proprietary scripts which resulted in lightning fast sales that were within targeted parameters, clearly measurable, and within deadlines. We have since been working with our client to assess how we can add further value to their business and have found two definite areas that, once campaigns are set in motion, are projected to increase net sales by an additional 1.7% within 75 days.

  • Service: Tele-Sales Campaigns
  • Result: Considering this was a very large company, the 3.5% increase in net sales was an immensely successful result. The campaign ran for only 29 days with full reporting and constant communications between us and our client.